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September 20, 2017 at 12: 12 pm by Kerry

Please continue to support the ManxSPCA and attend our events.

Sunday 24th September – Pet Service at St George’s Church – 3pm

Sunday 1st October – Puppies’ First Birthday Party in the Play Barn, Ard Jerkyll – 2-4pm

Wednesday 4th October – Ramsey Charity Shop First Birthday – All Day

Sunday 8th October – Ferret Show in the Play Barn, Ard Jerkyll   – 2-4pm

Sunday 12th November – ManxSPCA Friends Xmas Fair in the Play Barn, Ard Jerkyll  – 1-4pm

Saturday 25th November – Tesco Charity Bag Pack – All Day

Sunday 3rd December – Christmas Barn Sale in the Play Barn, Ard Jerkyll  – 1-4pm

Friday 26th January – Dress up as an Animal Day – All Day

For more information please contact Kerry Gascoyne on 851672 or email