Text Giving Terms and Conditions


Text Giving Terms and Conditions

October 24, 2017 at 11: 52 am by Kerry


As a Supporter you are charged your standard network rate per text sent (check with your network provider for exact amounts).

Each text message is an automatic donation of £10 plus your standard network rate.

The amount you have donated will be taken from your phone credit or phone bill.
Instagiv receive 5% of your donation as an administration fee and the ManxSPCA receives 95% of your donation.

Who can donate?

Anyone who holds a UK/IOM mobile phone number can donate by text.

You must be over 16 years of age to send a donation by text and you must obtain the bill payer’s permission before sending a donation text.

General T&Cs

There is no limit on the number of times you may make a donation via text but there is a daily limit of £30 on text donations. You will not be able to donate more by text from the same number on the same day, but you may still incur your standard network message charge if you try.

If you are outside the UK/IOM but still using your UK/IOM registered mobile phone number you may incur additional charges to send a donation text.

If you send a donation text and you hear from us again by SMS, you can opt out or stop receiving these messages by replying with the word STOP, to the number that texted you (this will cost your standard network fee). To unsubscribe from these with no fee, call the ManxSPCA customer care line on 01624 851672 or email us at kerry@manxspca.com.

To make a complaint regarding the ManxSPCA’s text giving service call the ManxSPCA customer care line on 01624 851672 or email us at kerry@manxspca.com.

The SMS service is provided by instaGiv. instagiv is a trading name of Txt2give Limited, registered under Company No.NI073911.

Please note we will not pass your mobile phone numbers onto any third parties.

How are donations used?

The ManxSPCA is the Isle of Man’s only all animal rescue centre, and we are classed as one of the island’s national treasures. We are not funded by government and rely purely on donations (we need £800,000 per year to survive). On average we take in 1600 animals each year and your donation will help ensure that we can continue providing our service throughout 2018.

£3.00 buys a microchip

£5.00 buys a bale of hay

£7.00 buys flea and worming treatments

£10.00 buys a week’s worth of food for a kitten

£15.00 buys a scratching post for cats

£20.00 buys a month’s supply of mealworms for fledglings

£25.00 buys a day’s worth of cat litter for the cattery isolation unit

£30.00 buys specialist dog food for our rescue dogs who have health-related dietary requirements