Success Stories

We have successfully rehomed a huge amount of animals over the years. We couldn’t possibly tell you about them all, but here are some of our more recent success stories.


Harry 2

We adopted handsome Harry as a feral kitten and have had the amazing experience of watching him grow into a wonderful cat. We let him out a couple of weeks ago and my heart was in my mouth, but no worries at all. He loves the outdoor life and spends hours just pottering around the garden although he also likes to explore further afield.  He seems to have no problem with other cats and has even made a friend.


I thought going out might make him less affectionate but it seems to have done the reverse – he so loves

his cuddles.  It’s a lovely feeling knowing that I have completed this journey with him, and it proves that with lots of love feral cats can be so rewarding.

– The McChesney Family



We have 2 dogs adopted from MSPCA…

WILBUR, our golden Labrador we adopted in 2002. He celebrated his 17th birthday in July this year. he is the best dog in the world. Loving, faithful, great natured , loves everyone, he truly is our best friend.

BRUNO, our black Labrador cross, we adopted him in 2005, he is one of Gemma’s puppies and was born at the MSPCA. He is also a great boy, a big baby who loves cuddles, walks and chasing a ball. He is a great help to Wilbur and looks after him.

We are massive supporters of the MSPCA, we believe you provide a vital service to our community.

– The Klein Family


Kaiser and BonnieKaiser and Bonnie (aka Penny) came to live with us in October last year. They are a joy and this is now ‘their’ sofa

apparently!! They love walks where they can run free and are quite bonkers for tennis balls! They have had their 1st holiday in England with us and were on their best behaviour everywhere we went. Thanks to all at the MSPCA they have completed our family.

– The Halstein Family


Holly DogHolly Dog, known as HD to her adoring owners, has landed on her paws and is a much loved and pampered family pet. Her dad, a police officer, didn’t realise when he was sent to take her photograph that his life would change but as soon as Holly fluttered her chocolate brown eyes at him he was her slave and, two years later, he and the rest of the family love Holly dearly.


TammyThis is Tammy sun bathing with her best friend Jasper. Both are from the MSPCA. We got Tammy in Feb this year after she had been there for two years. She was very well looked after by all the staff and helpers. Without them and all their hard work this island would be lost!! Thank god we have you (ManxSPCA). Tammy had a couple of issues i.e couldnt walk her along the main roads as she was so stressed by cars. We brought a dog trainer into our and Tammy’s life to help with this. She is amazing now with all the help. You have to see to believe it! Tammy is a real daddy’s girl and is so happy and content. Thank you to the ManxSPCA for allowing us to have Tammy in our life.


Oscar was an elderly canine gentleman when he came to us and for a while it looked as if he was going to stay with us for the rest of his life until, again, the magic happened and Oscar is now in possession of his own sofa and adoring owners. Oscar’s favourite pastime is keeping the sofa warm until the lead appears or he sees a cat in the garden. His family, friends and admirers cannot imagine life without him – and the clouds of dog hair, and the loving slobber. His dad describes him as a mature cheese or a fine wine – special and aromatic!


Tinker didn’t have the best start in life but he has now made up for this! He’s intelligent and mischievous and believes that life is about having fun. He brings sunshine into his family’s life even on the dullest of days. He is also the only dog we know who sends e-mails!


Billy went to his new home in October 2011 when he was 13 years old. He and his family knew they were right for each other as soon as they met. He lives with his 13 year old feline friend Douglas and sister Faith the Rottweiler. Both boys sleep, frolic like kittens then purr the night away on the nearest lap! Billy has enriched many lives!


Max is a cucumber-loving guinea pig who, since he saw Calendar Girls, has had an urge to be a calendar boy! He lives in a box on wheels near the fridge so he can shout if anyone forgets to give him his favourite treat! He loves having stories read to him and is an educated boy who pays visits to his owner’s school.