Strays & Ferals

We can respond to calls and answer machine messages between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week.

If you have a concern about an injured animal please call a vet.

Stray dogs
Dogs that have strayed from home maybe be lost and at risk of injury. Please call the Dog Warden service 01624 686688 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday; and call the Society at week-ends in those hours. Please give a clear description of where the dog is or was last seen and a description of the dog. If it is safe to do so, contain the dog in a garden or garage with water, and if you have access to social media please make people aware that you have found a stray dog. The ManxSPCA has a Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.

If the dog looks injured please call your nearest veterinary practice.


Stray and feral cats
How to deal with a stray or feral cat you have seen in your local area.

We collect sick or injured stray cats but identifying genuine strays is a challenge and due to lack of resources we do not normally collect healthy stray cats.

We receive many calls from people who, instead of making enquiries in their neighbourhood, are quick to assume a cat is stray.


Is it a stray or a feral cat?

Most cats roam over a wide area, so it may be a good idea to ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone knows who the cat you have seen belongs to.

If the stray cat is approachable, friendly or tame it may belong to someone. So long as it is healthy the best thing to do is try and find its owner. If you have any concerns over the health of the cat then please contact us on 01624 851672.

If the stray cat is not friendly, it may be feral or semi-feral and these cats are able to look after themselves. Feral cats do often venture into housing estates / built up areas to look for food. So long as a feral cat is healthy, leaving it alone may be the best option.

DO NOT FEED THE CAT – this will cause the cat to stay around your home and not go back to its owner.


Finding the owner of a stray cat

If a stray cat is not feral (i.e. appears tame) the best thing to do is try and find its owner. If the cat is approachable and you can safely transport it then call the ManxSPCA and arrange to have it scanned for a microchip. We will then be able to access Petlog’s 24-hour lost and found service. This is often the quickest and easiest way to locate an owner.

If it is not possible to bring the cat to us or a vet but you can get close enough to put a collar on it, then download our simple paper cat collars. The second collar is a spare for future use, if necessary. Write your telephone number on one of the collars before putting it on the cat.

Please take precautions when approaching the cat and fixing the collar. Do not in any circumstances risk being bitten or scratched. If the stray cat is approachable and seems friendly, fitting the collar should be a fairly simple exercise. Do not use sticky tape on the collars as they may not snap if the cat gets caught on something because it may not be able to free itself.