ManxSPCA Press Release – Bitcoin


ManxSPCA Press Release – Bitcoin

April 4, 2018 at 8: 12 am by Kerry

Did you join in the excitement and buy Bitcoin a few years ago, only to realise it hasn’t made you a millionaire? Or did you buy Bitcoin as a fun way to buy your lunchtime latte or Friday night beer? Are you now left with a small amount of coin in your virtual wallet on your mobile phone which is difficult to convert to sterling and you don’t know what to do with it?


Well, the important thing is not to leave it there and forget about it because the ManxSPCA has just launched ‘Bitcoin Donations’. You can now donate any of your leftover Bitcoin to the Society for it to convert back to sterling when there is enough in its wallet for it to be cost effective to do so.


ManxSPCA director Steve Burrows, who set up the ‘Bitcoin Donation’ process, states:


“The Isle of Man was an early adopter of Bitcoin, and many people experimented with the crypto-currency concept only to find that it’s not currently practical for small transactions or everyday payments – including me.“


“Lots of us who were early adopters of Bitcoin have small amounts leftover in our Bitcoin wallets which are not practical to spend and are too small to be worth the effort of converting back to real money.”


“Instead of people forgetting about these small amounts of Bitcoin or losing them when they upgrade their mobile phones, the ManxSPCA is asking people to donate their spare bits of Bitcoin to us.”


“We will aggregate all these little donations and convert them back to fiat currency when we’ve received enough to make the exchange fees worthwhile.”


“We have set up a Bitcoin donation page on our website at which makes it really easy for anyone to donate your spare Bitcoin to us. Our animals will love you, we will love you, you will feel better for having done good, and you will finally have found something worthwhile to do with that little bit of Bitcoin.”