Leave a Legacy

Speak to your legal advisor about leaving us a donation in your Will. We rely on income from legacies and you can show your love and affection for the animal world by supporting us in this way. The ManxSPCA receives no financial support from the Government, so every penny our supporters give us is vital. Legacies are crucial to everything we do and you can help us to continue our vital work. Every legacy is valuable to us and whatever you can give will be gratefully received and put to the best possible use – caring for vulnerable animals.
We know that you will always want to look after family and friends first, but after that, you can also care for your animal friends with a residuary legacy.

The following is a suggestion of how you can approach a legacy– after all, none of us like to think about the reason for making a Will but it can make such a difference.

Once you have worked out the value of your estate, decide on your beneficiaries, the people and organisations you would like to help. Some of our supporters choose to leave us a residuary legacy so that they are sure their family is taken care of first. Appoint an executor who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes then, very importantly, visit your legal advisor to have your Will drawn up. Make sure it is stored in a safe place and that someone knows where to find it. If you would like to let us know that you have decided to remember our animals in your Will we would be delighted as this could help us plan for the future. By remembering us in your Will you will ensure that the memory of the animals who have enriched your life will live on.

Please remember the ManxSPCA in your Will.