Launch of Pet Guardian Scheme


Launch of Pet Guardian Scheme

July 1, 2016 at 1: 12 pm by Juana Warburton

There are an increasing number of elderly and vulnerable people on the Island, many of whom have pets. Worrying about who will look after their pets if they are no longer able to, either because they die or need to move to non-pet-friendly accommodation, is a commonly held concern amongst this group of people. Even if they have close family and friends they still worry about the future of their pets and so the ManxSPCA is aiming to give them peace of mind with the launch of its Pet Guardian Scheme.

By registering their pet, or pets, into the care scheme the owner can be assured that there will be a loving home for their animal should they no longer be able to look after it. The service is free of charge, and simply requires the pet owner to complete an application form which provides the Society with information about their animals – their ages, their health, their behaviour traits, their likes and dislikes. The pet owner is then issued with a credit card sized care confirmation document that they can carry with them at all times, rather like a kidney donor card.

More information about the Pet Guardian Scheme can be obtained by calling the Society on 851672 or e-mailing

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