Give a bit of Bitcoin

Bitcoin – you know, that crypto-currency which was going to revolutionise peer to peer currency transfers and cross-border payments. The Isle of Man is one of the leaders in Bitcoin adoption, and many of us experimented by converting a few pounds into Bitcoin before finding out that there aren’t really very many places you can use it, and it’s difficult and expensive to convert it back into real money.

Here at the ManxSPCA we’d like you to give us your spare bits of Bitcoin that, if you’re honest with yourself, you’re probably never going to use and might even lose when you upgrade your mobile phone and forget to backup your Bitcoin wallet before you wipe it.

We will aggregate all of your little donations into a single Bitcoin account – and convert them out to cash when we have enough to make the transfer back to real money worthwhile. Our animals will love you, we will love you, you will feel better for having done good, and you will finally have found something worthwhile to do with that little bit of Bitcoin 🙂

  • Enter your donation amount (in the currency of your choice) below
    Provide your email address only if you want to, then
    Click the Bitcoin “Donate Now” button. BitPay will ask you for your email address in case there is a problem with your payment, and display a QR code for you to scan with your Bitcoin wallet.

BitPay uses the latest Bitcoin Payment Protocol to help reduce payment errors. Some older wallets are not compatible with Payment Protocol so if you have difficulty using the BitPay service you may prefer to make your donation direct to one of our ManxSPCA wallets using the QR code below.

Thank You.