False Allegation


False Allegation

February 23, 2018 at 10: 10 am by Juana Warburton

The ManxSPCA’s reputation has been called into question by allegations made on social media by the Mann Cat Sanctuary of ‘theft’. The allegations are entirely false.

The Society was called out to rescue a young cat, caught in a trap in Port Erin, in early February. The trap (a black one, and of the design often used by the Society) had not been attended to for some time, according to the caller (a neighbour), and given it had no contact details on it he called the ManxSPCA. The Society has been neutering cats living in and around the house in question for the past three years. A ManxSPCA Welfare Officer collected the cat (which is feral) immediately and brought to it the Quarantine Unit at Ard Jerkyll, where it was subsequently given appropriate medical attention.

Several days later the Mann Cat Sanctuary contacted the ManxSPCA to say that the trap was theirs, and as a gesture of goodwill the trap was handed over to them. It was given to a male worker at the Sanctuary.

The ManxSPCA is currently considering the legal position in relation to this matter, and if the Isle of Man Constabulary contact the Society it will cooperate fully with their enquiries.