Corporate Membership

We really need help from companies, big or small…

You could come to Ard Jerkyll and do some gardening
Choose us as your charity of the year
Hold events for us, and think up your own exciting ways to support Ard Jerkyll
We’d be delighted to come and talk to you about why we would be a good choice. Remember it’s for the animals who, although they cannot tell you in words, will do their very best to show their… and our… gratitude.
We are very proud of our work and our sanctuary at Ard Jerkyll, but we know that there is so much more to do. We would very much like to work in partnership with companies to promote our work across the Island. There are many and varied opportunities to support us which are crying out for a major sponsor.

If you have any suggestions, we would be delighted to discuss these with you, and work out the best way in which your help could be directed.